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I Want to See Me: LGBT Characters in Video Games

"Making gamers deal with things like that would do a lot for acceptance and helping an otherwise privileged demographic the ability to see what their fellow gamers have to live through. Because as much as I loved it, the world isn’t like The Sim’s or Cyrodil, the world is full of intersecting issues and identities, and if our answer to them is to ignore them in a game world, then that just sends the message that it is ok to ignore them in the real world."

▪ There's this guy over on Youtube called Smooth McGroove who does acapella versions of songs from Nintendo games and it's kind of awesome!

Two of my favourites: 
- F-Zero: Mute City Acapella
- Super Mario World: Overworld Theme Acapella

▪ So Nine Inch Nails - Everything was releashed and goddamn it cracked me up when I listened to it while watching this vid. The 1:39- 2:02 part in particular killed me. I mean, the song is catchy, but, come on, Reznor!

Wenthworth Miller is gay and for some reason that makes me in a really good mood. :) 

▪ Y'all are caught up on Edge of Normal, right? 

▪ Oh, and Orange is The New Black? Because, yes, good, very good. ;) So is it only me or... opinions under cut )
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Not sure I get what's going on, but I definitely like it~ 720 HD is your bestest friend. A teeny bit NSFW, I guess?

Also, awesome song.
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• You guys, there's open season over at [livejournal.com profile] ladies_fest, which means all the unclaimed prompts are fair game! I spot 3 Sucker Punch prompts, 10 Harry Potter prompts, 3 Lost Girl prompts and 18 Glee prompts. Go check it out and see if you feel ~inspired~ to write something. :)


• I just looked through the folder containing my as-of-yet-unread Glee fics which I've bookmarked and... holy banana, I've been collecting quite a number of them from the looks of it! o.o

Just have to pick a fic and read my way through all of the glorious femslash from there, I suppose? :P 

Glee. 3.06. Mash Off )
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A new season of Glee has started. I'm still hanging around. 

.... erh, yes. Let's get this ball rollin', shall we? 

Glee. 3x01: The Purple Piano Project )


So, I was reading a Japanese horror manga late last night while just randomly clicking around Youtube as you do to listen to some playlist while reading it...

And this song started playing just when things we're getting interesting.

I think I deserve a goddamn award for setting the right mood. Good unintentional job, self. *pats own shoulder* 
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What's up, flist?

I'm not up to much, really. Trying to finish writing all of these WIPs I've got in my folder, as well as preparing myself mentally for when school starts again this Monday.

However, I have had certain ~thoughts~ about a certain girl named Fabray lately:

There's a homo explosion happening all over that girl!!!

Ahem. So, allow me to completely rewrite the entire first season of Glee, yes?

Meet Quinn Fabray.

Snarky art-loving girl who just happens to be the only other out person at McKinley High besides Kurt Hummel. After helping him climb out of a dumpster one day, the two of them bond over being ~fabulous~ in a place where no one seems to appreciate that particular quality for some reason. Although they basically don't agree on anything from fashion to music, they still got each others back if anything particular nasty should happen. It becomes a sort of silent agreement between them.

She lives together with her mother; her parents divorced a year prior to season 1. The relationship between Quinn and her mother is strained, but Judy tries to be as good a mother as she can, although it isn't easy. Her daughter can be incredibly stubborn when she wants to be.

Quinn strikes up a tentative friendship with Santana, captain of the Cheerios, and Brittany mid-season, seeing as Santana is struggling with her own sexuality and the prospect of having someone else to talk to about it is something Santana grudgingly needs. To her delight, the black-haired girl finds someone else who she can check out Cheerios' behinds together with.

Quinn eventually joins the Glee club, mostly because she was initially under the impression she could sneak off and have a smoke under the bleachers with no problem during class, but no such luck. She uses her time reading books and making snide remarks instead (~le gasp~, so different from canon!Quinn, I know!), although she has a tendency to be unashamedly flirty when it comes to Rachel; it's worth it, just to see her and Finn's reactions.

Besides, it's not like she has a *crush* on Berry or anything...

Nope, not at all.

And that's what you missed on the Queer Fabray Show, erh, I mean -- Glee!


- Link: Levitating Girl Natsumi Hayashi - a Tokyo teenager who takes hundreds of pictures of herself jumping until she captures just the right one where, instead of jumping, it looks like she's levitating. These are kind of awesome. Check 'em out.

- Vid recs:

Hook Shot (multi) : as the summary says, female BAMFs for the win. I couldn't agree more.

Come On [Firefly/Serenity] : this vid makes me wanna rewatch the series.

Whenever, Wherever [Twilight, Jacob/Edward] : no, seriously, watch it. If it doesn't make you crack a smile or make you laugh, then... I don't know. You have no sense of humor. ;P
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What the *hell* is LJ playing at? D: Kind of incredibly annoying, if I may say so myself! 

Anyways, I'm back! Hope everyone is fine and well. :) 

Let's keep it short and sweet, shall we: 

- If you like Utena, do yourself a favour and check out the Revolutionary Girl Utena: Texts From Last Night tumblr blog. It's hilarious and my most favourite thing in the world at the moment!  

- On that fairy tale note -- I've read Malinda Lo's Huntress, Jim C. Hines' Princess Series (oh my God, Talia! <3 <3 <3) and Emma Donoghue's Kissing the Witch, all of which can't be recommended enough. Loved every single book.  

- Peter Gabriel covers Arcade Fire's "My Body Is A Cage"

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So. Uhm... 

*Guh!* Both to the song itself *and* the video. I know what I am going to listen to on repeat from now on...   

Austra - Beat and the Pulse.

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Meme: Give me a character from any fandom I know, and I'll give you my top 5 of characters I ship them with.


Fic rec: what were the greek ships on fire - Merlin; Morgana/Morgause by Anonymous. Found this in the Merlin Kinkmeme and whoo, boy -- it's yummy! Gorgeously lyrical and just a great read, considering how short it is. Whoever wrote it should fess up! Makes me want to try to delve into some Morgana/Morgause of myself now... 


So, we have fanfic archives where you can search for pairings, genres, whatever, correct? How the hell come there's *nothing* of this kind of thing when it comes to fanvids? You could search for the song which you know would just work *perfectly* in a certain vid and hopefully find it used in your fandom of choice. I'd love to see something like this around. 

This brought on by me listening to Franz Ferdinand's Michael recently and not being able to find the song used in a Lost Boys fanvid! Say what? Come on! 


What the hell is up with Naya *still* being hot even while wearing a fake drawn moustache, a tophat and a monocle? Also, I want the fic for thiiiiis, kthnx, Glee fandom. The person who made this should be my friend: 

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Oh Glee. I wish I knew how to quit you. *tilts cowboy hat* 

And on that homo note:


Let's sum it up: Naya Rivera's face!!! ♥ I love this girl! Brb, adding her *face* as an interest! 

Santana, baby girl! Wai you have to go make my heart go all pitter-patter at the sight of you? Wai?

*throws hands in the air* Gah! I need some distraction. I think Joan Jett rocking the mike in her (far superior to the original, tbh) cover version of this song will suffice. 

So close, episode, so close! Too bad you ended up faceplanting quite spectacularly towards the end there. :-/

Someone, talk to me about this ep! About Santana being Santana! What you want to see happen now! About all the (confusing) Faberry action going on as well! 

PS: Santana and Brittany for Prom Queen and King Queen, y/y? They'd compete against Finn and Quinn for the title and it'd be *glorious!* 

.... Why can't we have good things in this world? Waaaiii? ;__;

PPS: "Afternoon Delight" is really kind of a perverted song, isn't it? Surprisingly so. 
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So, Halloween. Providing links to things that go well with this particular holiday is the least I can do:


The entire Garlands (1982) album from Cocteau Twins is somewhat perfectly *shaped* for the Halloween season, if you ask me. It's a fantastic album, in any case. Make sure to check out the track "Garlands" from the album with selfsame title.


Just a few of my personal favourites and films I'd recommend to people who aren't horror buffs by any stretch of the word:

- Jacob's Ladder (1990)
- Martyrs (2008)
- Audition (1999)
- Nosferatu (1922)
- Carnival of Souls (1962)
- Funny Games (1997)

Any films I should be reprimanded for not having mentioned above? ;) 

Fuan no Tane is a Japanese horror manga by the great Nakayama Masaaki. Some of the stories are just plain weiiird while others are deliciously eerie. Over at Dreamwidth, they've scanned some pages from the ghoulishness:

#1. Scans Daily, Fuan no Tane

#2. Scans Daily, Fuan no Tane

Fic rec:

BtVS - Here Comes A Candle

A most splendid little ghost story. Atmospheric and incredibly well-executed (no pun intended). I don't want to give anything away - I wouldn't want to ruin it if you haven't already read this great fic.

And on this note, I'll leave you with a link to the creepiest ice cream truck, ever!  

Happy Halloween, everyone! :D
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Creepy vampire family with Angel as the douche bag patriarch? LOL. I find it amusing. 

Fanged Four cover art. 
. . .

Ship Meme:

# Day 26 - A pairing that you hated and ended up loving )
Days to come )
. . .
Song A Day Meme: 
Day 26 - A song by my favourite band )
Days to come )

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