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If you want to see one piece of stunning, surreal, really very gorgeous animation, I suggest you watch Mamoru Oshii's Angel's Egg. It's well worth a watch:

Angel's Egg
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So, I've now watched Devilman Lady, Utena and Utena: The Movie.

Devilman Lady: Monster fight! Monster fight! A bit like Pokémon, just in really fucking huge format! Heh. Loved the gore, loved Jun, will probably throw fics after this fandom... in the nearby future. I'm still playing around in 'Kannazuki Land' for the time being, so...  

And Utena: Good grief, that's a lot of highly dysfunctional relationships jammed down into one series! I mean, yikes! This anime was...really something, though. Took my brain and threw a bit around with it. I didn't mind. :-) The movie was gorgeous, and obviously made Utena/Anthy canon! Niceness.

For some reason -- although I see my shoujo-ai faith fade steadly for each volume that passes in this fandom, I *still* persist on buying Venus Versus Virus! Dunno -- I guess it's Lucia who does it for me. The art as well - do like the way it's drawn.

PS: I just keep listening to 'Lilium' over and over and over again... 
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Dear Californian voters,

Uhm... why didn't you vote *no* on Prop 8?! Because, really, that's what you *should* have done!

Well...anywho, here's a video *for* Prop 8 I couldn't help but find hilarious: www.youtube.com/watch

''Oh My Gawd! Prince x prince! Princess x princess! So wrong!'' --- uh, right. What? Just one thing to this: oh Nelly!

Ok, in other news:

Just finished watching Hellsing and Elfen Lied!

Hellsing: Gorgeous animation in this. A true feast for the eye. Not to mention  Sir Integra Hellsing -- oh yeah. Quite The Hottie, if I may say so myself. Something about that butch appearance and that iron will...*fans self*. Yummy. Which brings me to the other female character in this series -- Seras Victoria. Also a thoroughly enjoyable character: little kitten trying to come to terms with now being a little kitten... with not so small fangs! Instead of whining, she just tries to deal with the entire situation. And, of course, Alucard -- such a bloody charming bastard. If I have to look at a male lead in a show, *this* is how I want him to be.
Elfen Lied: What a... strange anime. Enjoyable, though. I came for the gore -- expectedly liked that, but of course liked it even more when I saw what was *behind* it. I especially found the opening theme song and the Klimt paintings beautiful and powerful -- the quiet sadness, the wish for forgiveness in all of it. I enjoyed the small subtle actions in the anime the most -- for example, Nyuu's failed attempts at making the clock work, which was, of course, her own way of trying to fix something completely *else*. You know what that is if you've seen the show. Said a lot without any words spoken. Especially found the ending great -- Kouta turning around, noting: ''Oh. It started working again.'' That brought a smile to my face. My only complaint? I could have done with more shoujo-ai in this. ;-)  Though, I suppose Nana and Mayu provided me with what little they had to offer.  
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I admit it.

I haven't seen Utena yet! Yes, it's a sin, I'm aware.  

To save my immortal soul, I just ordered the series and the movie, plus Devilman Lady, minutes ago to make up for it.

For some strange reason, I sort of suspect I'm gonna fall head over heels in love with one certain orange-haired duelist in the series... ;)

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