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Bomb Girls: 2.06. Where There's Fire

I just... this was a brilliant episode! Show, return soon!

Everything is Betty McRae (and Hella Fine Soldier Girl Teresa and Kate/Betty and Gladys' beautiful sad self and Bomb Girls) and nothing hurts (well, only a little bit). Spam spam spam: 

Where someone else describes all my feels concerning the Teresa/Betty bedroom scene

"I'm here for the filing and the sex - and I'm not really into files." 

Perf song and perf gif (the fireworks at the end, ohmygaaawd)

Goddamn Gladys and her goddamn puppy face~

Adventure Time fits with everything! Everything! - (lol, also, this is a gpoy)

Haters gonna keep hatin', Gladys bebe gurl, don't you mind them~

▪ I might have cried a little from laughing so much after I watched this vid. Fucking perfection. Context: Ali Liebert once mentioned in an article that in order for her to get into character, in this case Betty McRae, she'd get inspired by songs. This was one of them.


Above the passion quivering by Ibmisscharlie

Let's call a heart a heart by huddleofneurons

And Then Gladys Decided to Break In Her New Wheels
by Driving Cross Country to Find Kate by shopfront
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What's up, flist?

I'm not up to much, really. Trying to finish writing all of these WIPs I've got in my folder, as well as preparing myself mentally for when school starts again this Monday.

However, I have had certain ~thoughts~ about a certain girl named Fabray lately:

There's a homo explosion happening all over that girl!!!

Ahem. So, allow me to completely rewrite the entire first season of Glee, yes?

Meet Quinn Fabray.

Snarky art-loving girl who just happens to be the only other out person at McKinley High besides Kurt Hummel. After helping him climb out of a dumpster one day, the two of them bond over being ~fabulous~ in a place where no one seems to appreciate that particular quality for some reason. Although they basically don't agree on anything from fashion to music, they still got each others back if anything particular nasty should happen. It becomes a sort of silent agreement between them.

She lives together with her mother; her parents divorced a year prior to season 1. The relationship between Quinn and her mother is strained, but Judy tries to be as good a mother as she can, although it isn't easy. Her daughter can be incredibly stubborn when she wants to be.

Quinn strikes up a tentative friendship with Santana, captain of the Cheerios, and Brittany mid-season, seeing as Santana is struggling with her own sexuality and the prospect of having someone else to talk to about it is something Santana grudgingly needs. To her delight, the black-haired girl finds someone else who she can check out Cheerios' behinds together with.

Quinn eventually joins the Glee club, mostly because she was initially under the impression she could sneak off and have a smoke under the bleachers with no problem during class, but no such luck. She uses her time reading books and making snide remarks instead (~le gasp~, so different from canon!Quinn, I know!), although she has a tendency to be unashamedly flirty when it comes to Rachel; it's worth it, just to see her and Finn's reactions.

Besides, it's not like she has a *crush* on Berry or anything...

Nope, not at all.

And that's what you missed on the Queer Fabray Show, erh, I mean -- Glee!


- Link: Levitating Girl Natsumi Hayashi - a Tokyo teenager who takes hundreds of pictures of herself jumping until she captures just the right one where, instead of jumping, it looks like she's levitating. These are kind of awesome. Check 'em out.

- Vid recs:

Hook Shot (multi) : as the summary says, female BAMFs for the win. I couldn't agree more.

Come On [Firefly/Serenity] : this vid makes me wanna rewatch the series.

Whenever, Wherever [Twilight, Jacob/Edward] : no, seriously, watch it. If it doesn't make you crack a smile or make you laugh, then... I don't know. You have no sense of humor. ;P
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Damn you, Blake Lively, for presenting me with *this* picture of yourself, which is undiluted perv fodder for my brain! Damn you!!!

Ya won't believe the studliness beneath this cut! Seriously! )
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Thanks to this glorious thing called the Interwebz, it has been possible for me to watch New Moon.

New Moon - and one way you could have turned it into the greatest thing *ever!*  )

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