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▪ Remember when one half of my OTP in Merlin died... and then the other half died? Yeah, good times, good times. *silently weeps*

Merlin AU: Morgana and Gwen as Hades and Persephone. Oh goodness, this is pretty~ ♥ Also reminds me how much I loved Sarah Diemer's The Dark Wife, and, hey, if you haven't read that book, you should! 

▪ Speaking of Merlin, does anyone know where I can find an AU fic where Morgana is an out and proud LGBT activist, her girlfriend, Gwen, used to have a thing for a closeted Arthur who in turn happens to have a thing for Merlin? ...... come on, don't tell me no one has written this exact fic I've just described? 

Tennessee 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Now Requires Teachers To Tell Parents if Their Child is Gay

"Do you think they know?" Yeah, spot the straight folks, indeed. This cracked me up, tho. :P

▪ Fanart rec: Female!Avengers - this is awesome~ Just look at Thor and Captain America~

▪ Once upon a time, Dianna Agron wore this t-shirt (as seen in this video) and then that lead to me to thinking about sparkling cheerleader vampires. 

And then that lead me to finding pictures )
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Hey, y'all. :P Sorry I haven't been around here lately, but I've an oral exam this week, so -- am focusing on that. Here's some random links.

AMightyGirl.com. What's the site about? "A Mighty Girl is the world's largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers and others dedicated to raising smart, confident and courageous girls and, of course, for girls themselves!" So go check it out! :)

Is Game of Thrones too white? TW: rape scene quoted in the article.

▪ I know, I know, I gave up on Glee a while back now, but Faberry is one of those kinds of ships I just can't seem to quit (she said as one gay cowgirl tear slid down her cheek) and listening to Quinn growl at Rachel in Japanese is, like... levels of awesome I hadn't even considered could exist. Perfect lipsynch here, y'all. Just look at their mouths~ Glee is a ridiculous shoujo anime, anyway, when it really comes down to it.

If The Seven Kingdoms Had Twitter. The Daenerys/Jorah interaction is... very accurate, actually.

▪ These are cute: great book covers and bookmarks

AU Meme: Daenerys/Morgana - I like this idea! I like this idea a lot~ Basically, I just ship Daenerys/All The Women, tbph.

Game of Thrones Attack Ads. These are silly. ;P
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Erh... been some time since I last posted. :o

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year's Eve! I'm briefly surfacing only to dive down again - this paper needs writing. So, see you in a week, peeps!  

I'll leave this Faberry fanmix here, because it's about time I made something for these two.

Can't you see my heart burning in my hands? )
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Once Upon a Time. 1.05: That Still Small Voice )


Once Upon a Time. 1.06: The Shepherd )


Glee. 3.08: Hold on to Sixteen )


• To-Do list... at some point:

- Anna Torv and other attractive female celebrities. 
- Read the "A Song of Ice and Fire" novels + rewatch Game of Thrones.  
- Reread book 1-4 of Harry Potter, read book 5-7 + watch the movies.
- Watch season 2 and season 3 of Warehouse 13.
- Watch season 1 and season 2 of Lost Girl.
- Watch season 1 and season 2 of The Walking Dead.
- Watch season 6 of Dexter. 
- Watch Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Read/watch all of the things! \o/

.... read/watch all of the things? /o\

Ay, caramba. :P


• Random meme time! Name a fandom and I’ll tell you:

- Favorite Male Character
- Favorite Female Character
- Favorite Het Ship
- Favorite Slash Ship ( both M/M and F/F )
- Dirty Little Secret
- Headcanon(s)
- Unpopular Opinion(s)

- Least Favorite Male Character
- Least Favorite Female Character
- Least Favorite Het Ship
- Least Favorite Slash Ship ( both M/M and F/F)

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• You guys, there's open season over at [livejournal.com profile] ladies_fest, which means all the unclaimed prompts are fair game! I spot 3 Sucker Punch prompts, 10 Harry Potter prompts, 3 Lost Girl prompts and 18 Glee prompts. Go check it out and see if you feel ~inspired~ to write something. :)


• I just looked through the folder containing my as-of-yet-unread Glee fics which I've bookmarked and... holy banana, I've been collecting quite a number of them from the looks of it! o.o

Just have to pick a fic and read my way through all of the glorious femslash from there, I suppose? :P 

Glee. 3.06. Mash Off )
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Glee fanart rec list:

- Big Gay Beards by StephanieLamb [Santana and Karofsky]

- Outstanding Heterosexual by KiwiPhoenix [Faberry]

- Unholy Trinity by kuraitenshi [Unholy Trinity]

- Brittany, Grab My Boob! by roflamao [Brittana]

- Post-Apocalyptic Glee kids by sundaykind [Quinn, Puck and Rachel]

- "Oh My God!" by jelee [Unholy Trinity]

- HeYa kiss by taylorhubbell [Heather Morris/Naya Rivera]

- Ladder!Finn and Rachel by dashingicecream [Faberry]


Glee fic rec list:

- Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be by videlicet90; Santana/Brittany; pg-13
Remember that time Brittany got lost in the sewers? Yeah, this is what *really* happened. Crack from beginning to end -- you will most certainly enjoy it. 

- we'd share each other like an island by Sham; Santana Lopez, Santana/Brittany; pg-13
Set after "Sexy". This one is short but still excellent. Quinn tries to help and Santana is still her bitchy self. 

- Ready to Start by sourrific; Santana/Quinn; nc-17
Santana eases Quinn into the gay side of things... by sleeping with her. Great read. 

- Got You (Where I Want You) by sourrific; Santana/Brittany, Quinn/Rachel; R
Faberittana locked-in-a-classroom fic. It's brilliant and has spot on voices. 

- The Sex Has Made Me Stupid by random_flores; Santana/Quinn; R
Santana and Quinn and hurting and moving on and helping each other be less lonely and it's fabulous.  

- Saints and Sinners by sourrific; Quinn/Rachel; R
Quinn coming to terms with her feelings and everything else along the way. Go! Read! 

- Stepping Stones by onlysmallwings; Quinn Fabray; pg
Quinn trying to reconcile her faith with her sexual identity. Short and lovely, with an OC that works. 

Five Stages (37374 words) by thememoriesfire; Santana Lopez; pg
Set after "Sexy". If the show would deal with Santana's arc the way this fic does, it would be quality TV. Just saying.  
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Glee. 3.02: Asian F )


• I happened to watch this interview here with Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale and, uh, apparently she had to sing this song with her school choir. 

"Lesbian Seagull".

Lesbian... seagull.

Will someone please write fanfic where someone in Glee (Rachel!) sings this song for some reason? Or, I don't know, could it get played in other shows? I just feel like the song needs to exposed to everyone in the *world*! People need to hear it! I for one didn't know of its existence a day ago.  


•  Link: Gender and Glee - a quite awesome read, if I may say so myself. It's divided into six parts, and even though it's a (somewhat) long read, I can only recommend it, because Dr She Bloggo hits the nail on the head with her observations! 

Here's the links to the individual entries: 

• Part One: Masculinity, McKinley, and Glee
Really like the Finn/Kurt and Quinn/Rachel comparison drawn between the two pairings. Also, a resounding "Yes!" to the Santana comment.  

• Part Two: Power, Villainy, and Consequence 
- "The suggestion in this difference is that men who seize power, or are given power, can be heroes or good guys (but not always) whereas women who seize power, or are given power, are bitches (almost always)."

- Also, Quinn: "She plots, she schemes, and she’s punished by being denied the proper characterization required to forward her on her (rather compelling) arc. For every moment of actual character development for Quinn, there seem to be at least a handful of others where she’s bitching at Rachel, trying to win Finn’s affections, backstabbing Santana, or trying to destroy the glee club again." [italics mine] Can I get a "Hell yeah, true!"? 

• Part Three: Empowerment and Narrative Choice
- I agree with all the points she makes about Finchel and Fuinn: "It’d be a less damaging gender dynamic if Quinn and Rachel weren’t portrayed as ballbusters, or if they had a little more control over their relationship status - or better yet, a little of both!  But, as is, they are rendered two-dimensional in their portrayals as high-maintenance girlfriends, and, as characters, are robbed of choice when it comes to their relationships. They are reduced to fixtures that Finn has to “deal with,” either by demanding something of him, berating him, or simply by loving him and existing for him to choose between." [italics mine]

- And *this*: "Truthfully, the strongest example of female serenading, for the purpose of the person listening is Santana singing “Songbird” to Brittany.  It is an interesting point of fact that the only time a female has been allowed to serenade a love interest for the purpose of that love interest comes in the show’s female-female relationship from the show’s one lesbian character.  There’s no guy to be in control of the romancing."

- "The idea that the girls are frequently “sung to” by the guys is a manifestation not only of inhibiting stereotypes for both boys and girls, but also of the girls being denied their own subject in the narrative. They are accessories, objects for the boys to win over, and once again, this places the empowerment with the gentlemen." [italics mine]

• Part Four: Feminism and Presence of Character
- I'll just keep quoting: "The feminist declarations usually come in dialogue only, and when it comes to action, which always holds more value by creed of “show, don’t tell,” this feminism is largely unmanifested.  This construct also lends itself to the notion that the female characters are more likely to get screentime and/or a storyline when there is romantic conflict or boy trouble afoot."

• Part Five: Gender and Sex (1 of 2)
- Here: "Each girl, in the longstanding tradition of the male’s stereotypical perspective on female sexuality, shuffles into two main categories: the virgin and the whore, and there’s no winning in either label." 

• Part Five: Gender and Sex (2 of 2)
- Brittany and Santana: "In this vein, both Santana and Brittany are on the flip side of Rachel and Emma’s issues with virginity.  Where Emma and Rachel are good girls who are waiting to give it away, Santana and Brittany have are the ones who aggressively take it away - and it’s presented, onscreen, as such.  Few good things happen to them in the narrative because of this - most other characters generally treat Brittany and Santana’s sexual promiscuity in negative."

- "The underlying message in how Glee handles its female characters and sex is that there’s no right place to be.  If you’re abstinent, like Rachel or Quinn, you’ll be called frigid by the coolest teacher in school, and your boyfriends will be put upon with sexual frustration.  If you’re frequently sexually active, like Santana or Brittany, you’re a bitch who steals virginities without blinking an eye.  If you’re Tina, who has a healthy, unabashed, and unreprimanded relationship with sex, well… no one will pay attention to you."

• Part Six: Female Relationships
- Have some Faberry: "Rachel wiped Quinn’s tears away at prom, and the next episode, called her a “vindictive harpy” as Quinn aimed to sabotage Rachel’s happiness… again.  Why is this necessary?  It suggests that Rachel and Quinn can’t rise above pettiness associated with sharing a love interest, which completely flattens their characterization and washes away their development.  Their point of view in the narrative is therefore trivialized for the perspective of the male they share in common - Finn Hudson.  This is awful." Yeeesssss! A thousand times yes! 

- "But the hostility towards Rachel is also manifested in storyline.  “Comeback,” for example, puts forth a Brittany-Rachel dynamic which could have been well-executed; however, it painted a scenario where the other Glee girls joined together in accidental opposition to Rachel, and resulted in Brittany telling Rachel she was annoying.  Rachel’s emotional resolution was delivered to her via Finn, simply through dialogue - poor writing."

• Conclusion: The Wrap-Up
"Through the decisions the writers make for these characters, a discernible imbalance can be identified, wherein the female characters are often wielded as objects to the male subjects. They are also frequently deprived of the writer-given ability to make a choice in the narrative, hindering their representation as developed characters." [italics mine] Yeah, so, anyone else agree with this? *raises hand*

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A new season of Glee has started. I'm still hanging around. 

.... erh, yes. Let's get this ball rollin', shall we? 

Glee. 3x01: The Purple Piano Project )


So, I was reading a Japanese horror manga late last night while just randomly clicking around Youtube as you do to listen to some playlist while reading it...

And this song started playing just when things we're getting interesting.

I think I deserve a goddamn award for setting the right mood. Good unintentional job, self. *pats own shoulder* 
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So, the thing with Glee is... 

Whatever the Glee fandom is putting out there of fics and vids is far superior to whatever Ryan Murphy and Co. are coming up with on the screen. Seems like that's just how it is and has always been. 

Which means there's nothing quite like coming across something which could have been taken directly from your own brain. It's kind of very reaffirming to find out that some people out there are thinking along the same lines as you when it comes to certain things. So, LFTMFifteen, thank you for making this. :)

I am in serious need to read the accompanying fic for this now. 

Lol forever at Santana and Queermo Quinn! ♥

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Glee. 02x02: Britney/Brittany )

I'm going to put it out there: the Glee cast's version of Toxic may just be one of the best covers they've done. 

I'll just leave this here. Holy macaroni! 


And, YES, Dexter is back!!! *does happy serial killer dance*

Dexter. 05x01: My Bad )

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