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▪ Watched first episode of Heading Out, caught up with OuAT, Glee made Quinntana happen and I laughed like nobody's business. (Although, can we appreciate that the first and only healthy sexual experience Quinn Fabray has had in her life was with another girl? Just sayin'~)

Game of Thrones shizzle: 

This sums up Daenerys Targaryen pretty well, imo. :P

▪ As much as I love Emilia Clarke (and her face... and her eyebrows), this cracked me up, because -- well, people want Joffrey to be Lemongrab, but Daenerys basically filled that role in season 2: Adventure Time meets Game of Thrones.

▪ If you haven't watched this short film before, you definitely should! It's too cute. It's only 17 mins~

Study Debunks Notion that Men and Women Are Psychologically Distinct -- and the sky is blue, I'm tempted to add....

Two mom family drama The Fosters gets picked up -- am cautiously optimistic? Like, I'm not necessarily the biggest fan of the Lesbian Mum-theme, but that doesn't mean it can't be awesome! Let's see!

Doctor Who: Sue Perkins subject of female Doctor campaign -- *raises hand* I like this.

▪ I'm sure there is some clever remark or observation to be made here, but I think I'll just leave this as it is:

▪ Meme shamelessly nicked from Tumblr:

Name a character and I'll rate them as being:

not my type | alright | cute | adorable | hot | sexy | LORD MERCY
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Hey, y'all. :P Sorry I haven't been around here lately, but I've an oral exam this week, so -- am focusing on that. Here's some random links.

AMightyGirl.com. What's the site about? "A Mighty Girl is the world's largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers and others dedicated to raising smart, confident and courageous girls and, of course, for girls themselves!" So go check it out! :)

Is Game of Thrones too white? TW: rape scene quoted in the article.

▪ I know, I know, I gave up on Glee a while back now, but Faberry is one of those kinds of ships I just can't seem to quit (she said as one gay cowgirl tear slid down her cheek) and listening to Quinn growl at Rachel in Japanese is, like... levels of awesome I hadn't even considered could exist. Perfect lipsynch here, y'all. Just look at their mouths~ Glee is a ridiculous shoujo anime, anyway, when it really comes down to it.

If The Seven Kingdoms Had Twitter. The Daenerys/Jorah interaction is... very accurate, actually.

▪ These are cute: great book covers and bookmarks

AU Meme: Daenerys/Morgana - I like this idea! I like this idea a lot~ Basically, I just ship Daenerys/All The Women, tbph.

Game of Thrones Attack Ads. These are silly. ;P
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Hai, flist, haaaiiii. I'm knackered. What about you? -__-


• Watched the only three available episodes of The Playboy Club - and they cancelled this show? I quite enjoyed it! :-/ I would have lovedlovedloved! to have seen more interaction between Maureen and Alice, Alice and Sean and Cassidy and Alice.

And now I'm not getting it. 

Boo, I say. Boo!


Glee. 3.11: Michael

So, to summarise: nobody appreciates when Santana does stick her neck out. She didn't even get a "thank you" for trying to help Blaine - Kurt just, y'know, brushed her efforts aside like they were nothing, so... not cool, Kurt and the rest of the Glee club. Not cool. "Human Nature", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and "Bad" were good covers. "Scream" (although I ship Mike + eyeliner now) and "Ben".... less so. Sebastian is annoying. The entire Finchel marriage thing is just... no. Also, Faberry!

And that's what you missed on - Glee! 

• The next round of Porn Battle is currently happening - so, go forth, leave prompts and write about lots of women banging other women! \o/


• Link: Emilia Clarke talks about eating that heart in Game of Thrones. Be cuter, woman! ;P

• Link: Emma Swan is so mature when it comes to Regina. So very, very mature. I think it's the "I gotta do a drive-by egging of her head at 6 -- I'm gonna take your car, 'k?" which makes it perfect. Also, so very canon! ;)

• Link: The Places You'll Go - a wonderful Olivia Dunham fanvid. Oh, sometimes you make my heart ache mightily, Dunham. ♥
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So -- Game of Thrones! Watched the season finale and then... being tired and bored resulted in the Deal With It meme sort of happening? 

My excuse? I... have none. None at all.

This... basically summarises my thoughts?  ) 


- I'm not even sure why I find this as amusing as I do, but -- oh well. Viserys *really* dislikes Spandau Ballet. Beware, spoiler for episode 6:

80's song + Game of Thrones = match meant to be? And Daenerys is just all, like: "Damn bro, yous trying to fuck with me? Me? Imma go all ~rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon~ on you ass, Nicki Minaj style!"


- I... don't know what to say to this, tbh. Let the crack commence: Game of Thrones Muppets!

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