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Long time no see, huh? How is you, flist? What are you up to? 

What have I been up to? Well... erh...

Even though I'm 10 billion years late to the party, I marathoned Queer as Folk and The L Word. Oh, and I watched The Hunger Games and I've read the books. So.... yes.

This is how I would show Jennifer Lawrence my love:

Or she could top me, I wouldn't mind at all.

*drums fingers*

I'm looking forward to Dexter, American Horror Story and Bomb Girls returning.

And...oh! You should watch this vid, because it's perfection~

Her name is Astrid, y'all!

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Hai, flist, haaaiiii. I'm knackered. What about you? -__-


• Watched the only three available episodes of The Playboy Club - and they cancelled this show? I quite enjoyed it! :-/ I would have lovedlovedloved! to have seen more interaction between Maureen and Alice, Alice and Sean and Cassidy and Alice.

And now I'm not getting it. 

Boo, I say. Boo!


Glee. 3.11: Michael

So, to summarise: nobody appreciates when Santana does stick her neck out. She didn't even get a "thank you" for trying to help Blaine - Kurt just, y'know, brushed her efforts aside like they were nothing, so... not cool, Kurt and the rest of the Glee club. Not cool. "Human Nature", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" and "Bad" were good covers. "Scream" (although I ship Mike + eyeliner now) and "Ben".... less so. Sebastian is annoying. The entire Finchel marriage thing is just... no. Also, Faberry!

And that's what you missed on - Glee! 

• The next round of Porn Battle is currently happening - so, go forth, leave prompts and write about lots of women banging other women! \o/


• Link: Emilia Clarke talks about eating that heart in Game of Thrones. Be cuter, woman! ;P

• Link: Emma Swan is so mature when it comes to Regina. So very, very mature. I think it's the "I gotta do a drive-by egging of her head at 6 -- I'm gonna take your car, 'k?" which makes it perfect. Also, so very canon! ;)

• Link: The Places You'll Go - a wonderful Olivia Dunham fanvid. Oh, sometimes you make my heart ache mightily, Dunham. ♥
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Merlin. 4.03: The Wicked Day )


• Have I mentioned lately how much I love Jasika Nicole, aka Astrid from Fringe? No? Well, I do. I do a lot. :) 
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So, I need my flist's help to reach a final conclusion when it comes to this most important matter of all matters in the whole wide world! 

I'll give you a hint: it involves a magazine and a pretty troll...  )


• Link: Basically, this is too good not to share...

• Link: Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Olivia is an Italian Mafioso here or something? "We'll make him an offer he can't refuse-ah." Lol! Bottom line: I love Anna's face forever and ever, amen! 

•  I'm not sure how comfortable I feel when some of these someecards fit me to a T as they do... )
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Fringe. 4.03: Alone in the World )


• Where I find someone who has summed up my thoughts regarding Peter Bishop in Fringe )

Merlin. 4.02: The Darkest Hour (Part 2) )


Meme: name any fandom that I'm familiar with and I will answer which is my:

"One True Pairing" ship:
"One True Threesome" ship:
"Canon" ship:
"Not Quite Canon but Should Be" ship:
"If This Happens I'll Stab My Eyes Out with a Spork" ship:
"You Are One Sick Bastard" ship: 
"I'm One Sick Bastard" ship:
"I Dabble a Little" ship:
"It's Like a Car Crash" ship:
"Tickles My Fancy but Not Sold Quite Yet" ship:
"Makes No Canon Sense but Why the Hell Not" ship:
"Everyone Else Loves It but I Just Don't Feel It" ship:
"When All Is Said and Done" ship:
"Guilty Pleasure" ship:
"I Can't Believe I Read It and Like It" ship:
"Favourite 'Older/Younger'" ship:
"My First 'I Could Never Abandon You"' ship:
"Favourite Devotion" ship:
"Favourite Never-Met" ship:
"Favourite Pervy" ship:
"Favourite Dominance Battle" ship: 


• Link: The Most Annoying Song in the World 
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Glee. 3.02: I Am Unicorn )


Fringe. 4.02: One Night in October )



1. Reply to this post with "Vagenda", and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

[livejournal.com profile] shan_3414 was so kind as to pick these five icons o'mine: 


Daenerys Targaryen [Game of Thrones]. Why is this my default icon? Uhm - I guess what it basically comes down to is: 1) It's Daenerys Targaryen who's a damn BAMF. 2) Emilia Clarke is incredibly attractive and 3) her very pretty face is covered in very pretty blood, which happens to be a bulletproof kink of mine. Also, I like the way the light frames her face in the icon, contrasting with the red of the blood.  

Olivia Dunham [Fringe]. This is my happy icon, because it's Olivia smiling, and she doesn't do that often enough in "Fringe", which really is a shame. My favourite Olivia is the one with the dopey smiles.  


Santana Lopez [Glee]. I like the negative space in this one as well as the colouring of it. I think it's gorgeous. This is also one of those icons that doesn't show Santana's bitchy side, but her more vulnerable side, one of the main reasons why I picked it.  

Cara Mason [Legend of The Seeker]. I miss Legend of the Seeker - I miss everything it was, everything it could have been and most importantly - I just miss Cara and Kahlan. I miss Cara being hilariously snarky and her loyality to Richard and what he wished to accomplish with his quest. I miss her dealing with her ~feelings~. Bottom line: I miss Legend of the Seeker, and this icon reminds me of the things I loved about the show.

Quinn Fabray [Glee]. Punk!Quinn is my favourite Quinn. Why? Well, why not? ;) I'm not going to lie - for those two episodes we got the pink hair and the nosering I loved it. I mean, it would have made more sense if the writers had shown the progress of her Fabreakdown, and how it resulted in her dressing the way she did instead of: "Bam! Here you go, punk!Quinn," but you know what? This is Glee and, uh, yeah. This is Glee. Let's leave it at that. ;)  
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Fringe. 4x01: Neither Here Nor There )

• All I see when I look at this picture of Joe Manganiello is how season 5 of True Blood should kick off: here's stuff enough for at least three episodes - where's my money, HBO? )

I think it'd be neat. :) Basically, I'll take anything that isn't Eric/Sookie/Bill next season, please and thank you!

• Link: check out Olivier Valsecchi's photo series, Dust. I kind of like it. 

• Link: I love you, drunk Swedish moose! :)

 • Here, have a fanvid of Wonder Woman in the DC Animated 'verse being awesome: she's on a horse, people. This vidlet cracked me up. 
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Merlin: Casting *spoiler* for season 4! 

It's a spoiler I very, very much like! :D


Oh, Jasika Nicole, aka Astrid Farnsworth from Fringe, *be still my heart!* Creative and able to get all those feelings across in only a few panels! Gorgeous and touching.


It's sad but oh so true -- *all* of these fanfic macros fit me to a T. Stupid Fanfic Flamingo! Judging me with your beady eyes! 

Fanfic Flamingo #1 )

Fanfic Flamingo #2 )

Fanfic Flamingo #3 )

Fanfic Flamingo #4 )
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Fringe: 03x12 )


Skins. I actually rather enjoyed the second ep, Rich. The third ep, Mini, on the other hand -- while not atrocious in any way, it was certainly not among the strongest or best the series could offer us. Let's wait and see how the following episodes are going to be. On the US front: Britne Overford (Cadie) is the strongest actress out of the entire cast at the current moment, y/y? Tony and Abbud continue to annoy me. Eleanor Zichy as Eura came across as being more, y'know, 'speshul' than enigmatic in that scene with Cadie. 

Still going to continue watching it, though. 


So, Glee has returned as well with two new eps recently. And I have one or two things to say: 

In which I think about something and try to do math. Yes, in that order. )


Also, quite interesting article: 

A visit to a Shanghai fake-marriage market, where lesbians and gay men meet to find a husband or wife.


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Fringe: season 3. Episode 1-11. )


You know that feeling -- there's a lot of fic you'd like to write, but... there doesn't seem to be *any* available time for you to do it? 


The next coming months are going to keep me quite busy with anything *but* fic-writing, I think. Oh joy of joys. Stupid coursework. :C

I guess we'll see...


New seasons of Skins. 

I... really don't have that much to say about any of them. Yet. Will perhaps post something when we've had some more episodes from both. 


The masterlist for Festivids is up. Some of my favourites:
Constantine - In a Moment.
Heathers - Still Alive. 
The Hours - Eyes Wide Open. 
Snow White: A Tale of Terror - Bare Your Teeth. 
Tipping the Velvet - the party. 
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So, my infatuation with Olivia Dunham seems to be firmly intact after *finally* getting around to making my way through the entire second season of Fringe. Who could have possibly thunk. As Ella and Olivia pictured above seem to indicate, much fun was to be had.

Fringe: season 2 )
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What we've learned from the first season of Fringe:

- Olivia looks very pretty with bruises. Also, she swaggers like whoa!
- Olivia likes to strip down to her underwear and float around in a tank with electrodes attached to her head.
- Olivia drinks whiskey like a pro. Respect. 
- Olivia isn't that talented in the kitchen. She's too busy rescuing the world, y'all, to worry about culinary experiences.
- Olivia has inappropriate chemistry with her sister. And she acts like a genuine fierce momma lion around her niece. 
- Olivia has been nicknamed Han (i.e. Han Solo) because she was *that* much of a lone wolf at one point in her life and most certainly still is.
- Olivia kicks ass and still has time to be protective when it comes to sickly pale children. And redhead twins. 
- **SPOILER**: spoiler for 1x17 )

So, just from this - you should totally be watching Fringe. Really. ;)


From [info]fannish5:

Name the 5 creepiest episodes/scenes/chapters etc. from your fandoms.

What one person finds creepy isn't creepy in someone else's eyes. Your mileage of creepy may vary.

- "The Gift" - (BtVS) )  

- "Bushwhacked" - (Firefly) )

- Kraven's Last Hunt - (Spiderman) ) 

- "The Rose Signet" - (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) )

- Majora's Mask - (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask) ) 
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Oh, Glee. I can't figure you out - first you give me that episode last week, and then you return with this, which is *so* much better! You go up and down, dog.   

Glee. 2x04: Duets )  

In other news, have watched the first three episodes of Fringe's first season. And I'm definitely hanging around - hoping to marathon my way through it when I get the chance. Also, Anna Torv is just my cup of tea, so yes plz. ;) 

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