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Long time no see, huh? How is you, flist? What are you up to? 

What have I been up to? Well... erh...

Even though I'm 10 billion years late to the party, I marathoned Queer as Folk and The L Word. Oh, and I watched The Hunger Games and I've read the books. So.... yes.

This is how I would show Jennifer Lawrence my love:

Or she could top me, I wouldn't mind at all.

*drums fingers*

I'm looking forward to Dexter, American Horror Story and Bomb Girls returning.

And...oh! You should watch this vid, because it's perfection~

Her name is Astrid, y'all!

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Ugh. Homework. Everywhere. 

I know I haven't been all that active around here recently, but... *points above* - that's the reason. :P

Hope everyone is doing well~


• Link: Romancing the Sro. Anyone know of any 'sromances' other than the ones mentioned? 

• Link: This doesn't remind anyone of anything else, does it? ;D Emma Swan surely couldn't be the prince(ss) who saves the witch from her miserable existence? (Only question in this context: who is Akio? Is Regina her own Anthy *as well* as Akio?)

• Link: Awesome fanart of fem!Sherlock and fem!Watson. You bet your ass I would watch the show if these two were the duo.

Le meme time~
  • Leave a comment to this post - specifically saying that you would like a letter.
  • I will give you a letter.
  • Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows.
the_windowbird gave me the letter 'B'... )
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Glee. 2x07: The Substitute )


Dexter. 5x08: Take It!

At this point, this is the most vulnerable we've ever seen Dexter -- question is whether it can all end well, what with Lumen in the mix as well. I suppose we'll see...


Merlin. 3x10: Queen of Hearts.

This one was for the Arthur/Gwen shippers, which is fine... I guess. Slightly boring for the rest of us. Although it was worth seeing just for Morgause/Morgana hugging and that caress of the cheek, as well as Morgana giving Gwen teh Almighty Stink Eye! Much fun was to be had from that. 
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Dexter. 5x06: Everything Is Illuminated )


Merlin. 3x08: Eye of the Ti-- Phoenix )


- I *love* the four new Black Swan posters for the movie! Pretty, pretty posters! Go check them out!

- I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this time around - maybe in a couple of years I'll give it a try, because... that's a *lot* of words you need to write. I'm full of admiration for those of you who dare brave the task. You seriously rock! \0/. But, anyway, here's a page I didn't know about which will come in handy the day I decide to try my hand at a novel-sized writing endeavour: http://litlift.com.

From the website: LitLift is a free online novel writing application built to help you research, store and organize the information you'll need to write your novel. Whether you're writing a mystery, a romance or the next great science fiction trilogy, LitLift is designed to help you make the most of your writing time.
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Merlin. 3x06: Changeling.

The only thing this episode left me with was the craving for some Evil!Smirky!Morgana/Princess Elena fic where she is expertly seduced and totally corrupted and joins the dark side as a result. Please, please someone write it?


Dexter. 5x04: Beauty and the Beast )


Also, yes please I want this book! It's the prequel to Ash which I loved a whole lot, so can't wait for this! 
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Glee. 02x02: Britney/Brittany )

I'm going to put it out there: the Glee cast's version of Toxic may just be one of the best covers they've done. 

I'll just leave this here. Holy macaroni! 


And, YES, Dexter is back!!! *does happy serial killer dance*

Dexter. 05x01: My Bad )
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Some random: 

+ Hell to the Y.E.A.H., I want to see this movie: Runaways trailer
+ Hall of Antlers... only a tad freaky. 
Mexico City and DC legalize gay marriage! 

Is there a better way to spend the days before Christmas making your way through season 3 and 4 of Dexter?

Season 3. Season 4. Spoilers. )                                                            'Tis the season to be homicidal... 
The jovial serial killer wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! As do I! 
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Thoughts on Dexter's second season, with a dash of Six Feet Under. Spoilers here.

Dexter, noooo! )
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I've been watching TV shows like whoa these last couple of days.  

Dexter: The only thing I have to say is omg, omg *flails* - how come I've only given this show a watch first *now*? Loved it. I really, really enjoyed the first season of this. Here's crossing fingers for the greatness to continue in season 2. And since Michael C. Hall had me remembering how brilliant Six Feet Under was I've started watching that as well.  

Glee: is brainless fun. It sure knows how to put songs in your head, though. I for one have fallen victim to I Say A Little Prayer, as performed by Aretha Franklin. I'll be tuning in for the next episode. 

Merlin: King Giles! And Katie McGrath is really unneccessarily distracting with all her pretty. Uh... they really weren't lying about the slashy subtext in this series, were they? Between Arthur and Merlin being bound-by-fate (boy)friends and Morgana and Gwen Fingersmithing scenes up, I'm entertained enough to hang around. Also, seriously - Katie. McGrath. Superman has kryptonite - I have Irish brunettes. *coughElaineCassidycough*

Vampire Diaries: I gave this a try up to episode 4. I'm... dropping it, for now. It's like Buffy, Twilight and aspects of True Blood got together and had some mishappen kid. I think I'll sacrifice it in favour of something else. For example Sarah Connor Chronicles. I mean, Lena Headey in a tank-top + acting totally badass = should be enough for everyone in the world to feel satisfied.  

Beware: now it is time for me to bring out the pimp cane! If you like your music to come with a little accompanying genderfuck in the video, I have the link for you: IAMX feat. Imogen Heap with My Secret Friend. Chris Corner-as-girl is just as freaky as he of course should be, and Imogen-as-boy is gosh darnit gorgeous. Lovely song, too.

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