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Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don't -- this is some creepy shit, dude.

Why I Don't Want to Be a Queer Book Detective (Although I Still Want to Be Harriet the Spy): "I don’t want the priority reading audience for our books to be non-queers.  I don’t want them to be palatable to straight and cisgendered people. I don’t want publishers to have their cake and eat it too: slyly de-queer the book to appeal to cis/straight audiences and assume LGBTQ folks will figure it out and buy the book too."

Hear hear.

The Government Can't Stop Our Heterosexual Love: YA Dystopia From A Gay Perspective -- hear hear yet again!

Maureen Johnson Calls For An End to Gendered Book Covers with An Amazing Challenge

The World's Grumpiest Traveler - just look at all that joy!

Evolution of Cover Art for 12 Queer Books - hee, I always love looking at stuff like this -- what changes and what stays the same.


Send me a fetish and I'll rate it:

no | rather not | I dunno | I guess | sure | yes | FUCK yes | oh god you don’t even know

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▪ Remember when one half of my OTP in Merlin died... and then the other half died? Yeah, good times, good times. *silently weeps*

Merlin AU: Morgana and Gwen as Hades and Persephone. Oh goodness, this is pretty~ ♥ Also reminds me how much I loved Sarah Diemer's The Dark Wife, and, hey, if you haven't read that book, you should! 

▪ Speaking of Merlin, does anyone know where I can find an AU fic where Morgana is an out and proud LGBT activist, her girlfriend, Gwen, used to have a thing for a closeted Arthur who in turn happens to have a thing for Merlin? ...... come on, don't tell me no one has written this exact fic I've just described? 

Tennessee 'Don't Say Gay' Bill Now Requires Teachers To Tell Parents if Their Child is Gay

"Do you think they know?" Yeah, spot the straight folks, indeed. This cracked me up, tho. :P

▪ Fanart rec: Female!Avengers - this is awesome~ Just look at Thor and Captain America~

▪ Once upon a time, Dianna Agron wore this t-shirt (as seen in this video) and then that lead to me to thinking about sparkling cheerleader vampires. 

And then that lead me to finding pictures )
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Hey, y'all. :P Sorry I haven't been around here lately, but I've an oral exam this week, so -- am focusing on that. Here's some random links.

AMightyGirl.com. What's the site about? "A Mighty Girl is the world's largest collection of books and movies for parents, teachers and others dedicated to raising smart, confident and courageous girls and, of course, for girls themselves!" So go check it out! :)

Is Game of Thrones too white? TW: rape scene quoted in the article.

▪ I know, I know, I gave up on Glee a while back now, but Faberry is one of those kinds of ships I just can't seem to quit (she said as one gay cowgirl tear slid down her cheek) and listening to Quinn growl at Rachel in Japanese is, like... levels of awesome I hadn't even considered could exist. Perfect lipsynch here, y'all. Just look at their mouths~ Glee is a ridiculous shoujo anime, anyway, when it really comes down to it.

If The Seven Kingdoms Had Twitter. The Daenerys/Jorah interaction is... very accurate, actually.

▪ These are cute: great book covers and bookmarks

AU Meme: Daenerys/Morgana - I like this idea! I like this idea a lot~ Basically, I just ship Daenerys/All The Women, tbph.

Game of Thrones Attack Ads. These are silly. ;P
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Dan Savage continues to be a problematic LGBT role model

On Azealia Banks and White Gay Cis Male Privilege - give this article a read. It talks about some important ignored aspects concerning the whole debacle.

▪ Warning: gore and chibis. Someone drew fanart of the fourth bad ending in Chapter 2 of Corpse Party: Blood Covered. I don't even particularly care for Yoshiki/Ayumi, but I still find this amusing. Look at his wittle face~

"Let's do the Sachiko Ever After Charm they said! We'll be friends forever they said!" This is actually a spot-on representation of what Corpse Party is about. :P Up shit creek with a very, very small paddle.

▪ This Corpse Party fanvid: [graphic images: if the title of the game didn't already give that away...]

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▪ So, am I the only one who's been watching Jormungand? Because if that's the case - why? I really don't want to jinx it, but thus far this anime has been like a beautiful shiny diamond! A show with quite a number of females, all in positions of power who pass the three rule Bechdel test? A show that respects them? A show where women are just as dangerous as men are? This anime is like a unicorn! I definitely recommend it. Oh, also, there's a lesbian bodyguard who is awesome, so yay~

▪ I've been kind of really addicted to the Corpse Party games recently! Anyone play them? Because you should. They're really entertaining. And I guess I'm a bad person for finding this as funny as I do - [kinda big spoiler] - but, hey, it's the truth. And my favourite character, too, of course. :P Looking forward to the anime which is in the works and the Book Of Shadows game! Excited~

Raymond Bell, Pastor of the Cowboy Valley Church of Virginia, Claims Stroking Horses Can 'Cure' Homosexuality - feel free to make up your own jokes about 'riding studs' and so forth.

▪ Seeing as Merlin is over, I thought I'd link to my Morgana fanmix which I made last year. It might be of interest to at least one person. *cough [livejournal.com profile] majorrogue cough*. ;)

▪ Finished reading The Rose and The Beast: Fairy Tales Retold by Francesca Lia Block (4.5 out of 5 stars) and The Two Princesses of Bamarre (4 out of 5 stars) by Gail Carson Levine.

Bomb Girls. The first episode of season 2 and just whtowufoauifoghaoi~ Look at these precious bebes, just look:

Kate/Betty 5evar and Gladys as their platonic (sex is optional) life partner. OT3 right there!
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Call for Submissions: Collection on Glee, Gender and Sexuality - deadline is May 15! I hope DrSheBloggo submits some of her (excellent) observations. Just sayin'. 

• And speaking of Glee: this video. Just... watch it. As plausible a theory as any other on how the Glee writers pick their episode themes, indeed. :P 

• In lieu of Hunger Games' current success - The Invisible Dystopia. Quite interesting - the lack of queer presentation in dystopian YA literature really is kind of a theme, isn't it? 

I swear, I don't even know what this drawing is but it definitely cracked me up. I'm pretty sure that's how I've looked too at some point as a baby. Biatch, I'm ~fabulous~ :P

• So, ever felt that female superheroes in comics are sexualised to the extreme? Allow me to present to you: Unrealistic Comic Book Poses. Just wanna say - bless these two roommates~ This is sad and funny at the same time. 

Female Gladiator Statue Found. Brb, gonna go read everything I can find that has something to do with female gladiators!
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• Link: Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

• Link: FeministFantasy - the big list of feminist-friendly fantasy fiction

• Link: Erh... so this Tumblr blog sort of hits the nail on the head: Femslasher Problems - go check it out and if you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of the problems there, then... congratulations, we're in the same boat! ;P 

• Link: CPR - How Not To Do It. This made me laugh.

• Link: Artist Photoshops Masterpieces to Show Changing Perceptions of Female Beauty. I actually think this is a rather interesting project...

• Link: If this doesn't make you smile or laugh, I don't know what will. ;P

• Link: Thomas Kuebler's Eerily Realistic Monster Sculptures
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Let's talk about apocafics (because I say so)! :D 

Give me a fandom and any possible (or impossible!) apocalypse scenario and I'll talk about how the characters would fare, whether Character X would hook up with Character C during the dire situation or not, and etc, etc.

If you can't tell, I love apocalypse!AUs! ♥

I need to hear that at least one other person feels the same way as I do~


Okay, so, people, there's this Spanish soap opera where there's lesbians and there's bodices? And if there's something I absolutely love it's girl-loving girls in period pieces!  

The show is called Tierra de Lobos and here's the only important part you need to know: 

"Isabel is a headstrong tomboy, a loyal sister and one of the daughters of the powerful Lobo family. Her father and the Lobo clan practically own the whole town - whatever they say, goes. However, things are beginning to change...

Cristina is a prostitute. From the first time Isabel sees her in the brothel (while Isabel was out looking for her younger sister), she has been overwhelmingly attracted to Cristina. Whether Cristina returns her affections genuinely or is scheming against the Lobo family remains to be seen..."

You should probably know the reason Isabel why was so mad awkward in that store was because the first time she ever saw Cristina in the brothel she stared at her for five minutes straight. Like, without blinking or anything. Also, the prostitute happened to be very naked and taking a bath at the time if that has anything to say... 

See for yourself! Here's links to all the scenes of interest: Isabel sees Cristina for the first time || Isabel confesses her big gay feelings to the local padre || Isabel and Cristina's first kiss 

Pretty Spanish girls kissing and touching boobies and stuff! \o/


• Link: 5 Real Princesses Too Badass for Disney Movies - I want to go back in time and hook up with all of these women one at a time, just so I could point at each and every one of them and say: "That's my girlfriend! She don't take shit from no one." 

• Link: Sperm cells created from female embryo. It's one step closer, if nothing else... 

• Link: This article made my day! Look at his face! He's all, "my slipper is bigger than your slipper, yo." 
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So, I need my flist's help to reach a final conclusion when it comes to this most important matter of all matters in the whole wide world! 

I'll give you a hint: it involves a magazine and a pretty troll...  )


• Link: Basically, this is too good not to share...

• Link: Am I the only one who thinks it looks like Olivia is an Italian Mafioso here or something? "We'll make him an offer he can't refuse-ah." Lol! Bottom line: I love Anna's face forever and ever, amen! 

•  I'm not sure how comfortable I feel when some of these someecards fit me to a T as they do... )
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Fringe. 4.03: Alone in the World )


• Where I find someone who has summed up my thoughts regarding Peter Bishop in Fringe )

Merlin. 4.02: The Darkest Hour (Part 2) )


Meme: name any fandom that I'm familiar with and I will answer which is my:

"One True Pairing" ship:
"One True Threesome" ship:
"Canon" ship:
"Not Quite Canon but Should Be" ship:
"If This Happens I'll Stab My Eyes Out with a Spork" ship:
"You Are One Sick Bastard" ship: 
"I'm One Sick Bastard" ship:
"I Dabble a Little" ship:
"It's Like a Car Crash" ship:
"Tickles My Fancy but Not Sold Quite Yet" ship:
"Makes No Canon Sense but Why the Hell Not" ship:
"Everyone Else Loves It but I Just Don't Feel It" ship:
"When All Is Said and Done" ship:
"Guilty Pleasure" ship:
"I Can't Believe I Read It and Like It" ship:
"Favourite 'Older/Younger'" ship:
"My First 'I Could Never Abandon You"' ship:
"Favourite Devotion" ship:
"Favourite Never-Met" ship:
"Favourite Pervy" ship:
"Favourite Dominance Battle" ship: 


• Link: The Most Annoying Song in the World 
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Fringe. 4x01: Neither Here Nor There )

• All I see when I look at this picture of Joe Manganiello is how season 5 of True Blood should kick off: here's stuff enough for at least three episodes - where's my money, HBO? )

I think it'd be neat. :) Basically, I'll take anything that isn't Eric/Sookie/Bill next season, please and thank you!

• Link: check out Olivier Valsecchi's photo series, Dust. I kind of like it. 

• Link: I love you, drunk Swedish moose! :)

 • Here, have a fanvid of Wonder Woman in the DC Animated 'verse being awesome: she's on a horse, people. This vidlet cracked me up. 
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What's up, flist?

I'm not up to much, really. Trying to finish writing all of these WIPs I've got in my folder, as well as preparing myself mentally for when school starts again this Monday.

However, I have had certain ~thoughts~ about a certain girl named Fabray lately:

There's a homo explosion happening all over that girl!!!

Ahem. So, allow me to completely rewrite the entire first season of Glee, yes?

Meet Quinn Fabray.

Snarky art-loving girl who just happens to be the only other out person at McKinley High besides Kurt Hummel. After helping him climb out of a dumpster one day, the two of them bond over being ~fabulous~ in a place where no one seems to appreciate that particular quality for some reason. Although they basically don't agree on anything from fashion to music, they still got each others back if anything particular nasty should happen. It becomes a sort of silent agreement between them.

She lives together with her mother; her parents divorced a year prior to season 1. The relationship between Quinn and her mother is strained, but Judy tries to be as good a mother as she can, although it isn't easy. Her daughter can be incredibly stubborn when she wants to be.

Quinn strikes up a tentative friendship with Santana, captain of the Cheerios, and Brittany mid-season, seeing as Santana is struggling with her own sexuality and the prospect of having someone else to talk to about it is something Santana grudgingly needs. To her delight, the black-haired girl finds someone else who she can check out Cheerios' behinds together with.

Quinn eventually joins the Glee club, mostly because she was initially under the impression she could sneak off and have a smoke under the bleachers with no problem during class, but no such luck. She uses her time reading books and making snide remarks instead (~le gasp~, so different from canon!Quinn, I know!), although she has a tendency to be unashamedly flirty when it comes to Rachel; it's worth it, just to see her and Finn's reactions.

Besides, it's not like she has a *crush* on Berry or anything...

Nope, not at all.

And that's what you missed on the Queer Fabray Show, erh, I mean -- Glee!


- Link: Levitating Girl Natsumi Hayashi - a Tokyo teenager who takes hundreds of pictures of herself jumping until she captures just the right one where, instead of jumping, it looks like she's levitating. These are kind of awesome. Check 'em out.

- Vid recs:

Hook Shot (multi) : as the summary says, female BAMFs for the win. I couldn't agree more.

Come On [Firefly/Serenity] : this vid makes me wanna rewatch the series.

Whenever, Wherever [Twilight, Jacob/Edward] : no, seriously, watch it. If it doesn't make you crack a smile or make you laugh, then... I don't know. You have no sense of humor. ;P
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Is it me or are things kind of quiet around here in LJ land?

.... just a little?  

- I think everyone's heard of the Quick Summary tumblr. I thought I'd share the Pretty Little Liars one:

A group of teenage girls is grief-stricken when one of their friends dies. But then the friend texts them post-mortem threatening to share all their dirty secrets like how one of them is a lesbian. The girls must find out who killed their friend and quick before everyone finds out how lesbian they are.

So, basically, truer words have never been written in the world of ever. Although, as far as Alison actually being A is up for discussion...

- Emily Carroll's short webcomic, the story of how the goddess Anu-Anulan falls in love with Yir's daughter, Yorenn, can be read here. Gorgeous drawings! 

- Link: 60 Awesome Portraits of 60 Gay Couples Just Married in New York State  

- Link: Also, *this*: Olly Moss' paper cuts. These are brilliant! 

- So, I just found the most awesome piece of Fringe fanart in the world! Don't believe me?

See for yourself! )

- Meme time:

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write/rec/read AND give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, etc) or another time period (Ancient Rome, Regency England, etc). I will then explain the gist of the story I would write for that AU.
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Anyone else on my flist watching season 4 of True Blood?


Pretty entertaining things happened in 4.02...  ) 


Speaking of which, anyone got recs for any really good crossover fics? I've never really dipped my toe in that specific genre, so am curious. All the fandoms I know are fair game. :)


Article: California could become first state to teach gay and lesbian history in public schools
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So -- Game of Thrones! Watched the season finale and then... being tired and bored resulted in the Deal With It meme sort of happening? 

My excuse? I... have none. None at all.

This... basically summarises my thoughts?  ) 


- I'm not even sure why I find this as amusing as I do, but -- oh well. Viserys *really* dislikes Spandau Ballet. Beware, spoiler for episode 6:

80's song + Game of Thrones = match meant to be? And Daenerys is just all, like: "Damn bro, yous trying to fuck with me? Me? Imma go all ~rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon~ on you ass, Nicki Minaj style!"


- I... don't know what to say to this, tbh. Let the crack commence: Game of Thrones Muppets!
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Meme: Give me a character from any fandom I know, and I'll give you my top 5 of characters I ship them with.


Fic rec: what were the greek ships on fire - Merlin; Morgana/Morgause by Anonymous. Found this in the Merlin Kinkmeme and whoo, boy -- it's yummy! Gorgeously lyrical and just a great read, considering how short it is. Whoever wrote it should fess up! Makes me want to try to delve into some Morgana/Morgause of myself now... 


So, we have fanfic archives where you can search for pairings, genres, whatever, correct? How the hell come there's *nothing* of this kind of thing when it comes to fanvids? You could search for the song which you know would just work *perfectly* in a certain vid and hopefully find it used in your fandom of choice. I'd love to see something like this around. 

This brought on by me listening to Franz Ferdinand's Michael recently and not being able to find the song used in a Lost Boys fanvid! Say what? Come on! 


What the hell is up with Naya *still* being hot even while wearing a fake drawn moustache, a tophat and a monocle? Also, I want the fic for thiiiiis, kthnx, Glee fandom. The person who made this should be my friend: 

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So, the thing with Glee is... 

Whatever the Glee fandom is putting out there of fics and vids is far superior to whatever Ryan Murphy and Co. are coming up with on the screen. Seems like that's just how it is and has always been. 

Which means there's nothing quite like coming across something which could have been taken directly from your own brain. It's kind of very reaffirming to find out that some people out there are thinking along the same lines as you when it comes to certain things. So, LFTMFifteen, thank you for making this. :)

I am in serious need to read the accompanying fic for this now. 

Lol forever at Santana and Queermo Quinn! ♥

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- Know Your Meme: Weegee. Today we learn about Weegee, the awkward creepy version of Luigi of Mario fame. Make sure to check the other meme videos out as well. They are hilarious.
True Blood: 3x07 - Hitting the Ground )
. . . 
Ship Meme:
# Day 04 - The pairing with the most chemistry? ) 
Days to come )
. . .
Song A Day Meme:
Day 04 - A song that reminds me of something )
Days to come )

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