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Meme: Give me a character from any fandom I know, and I'll give you my top 5 of characters I ship them with.


Fic rec: what were the greek ships on fire - Merlin; Morgana/Morgause by Anonymous. Found this in the Merlin Kinkmeme and whoo, boy -- it's yummy! Gorgeously lyrical and just a great read, considering how short it is. Whoever wrote it should fess up! Makes me want to try to delve into some Morgana/Morgause of myself now... 


So, we have fanfic archives where you can search for pairings, genres, whatever, correct? How the hell come there's *nothing* of this kind of thing when it comes to fanvids? You could search for the song which you know would just work *perfectly* in a certain vid and hopefully find it used in your fandom of choice. I'd love to see something like this around. 

This brought on by me listening to Franz Ferdinand's Michael recently and not being able to find the song used in a Lost Boys fanvid! Say what? Come on! 


What the hell is up with Naya *still* being hot even while wearing a fake drawn moustache, a tophat and a monocle? Also, I want the fic for thiiiiis, kthnx, Glee fandom. The person who made this should be my friend: 

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True Blood.

3x01: Bad Blood )   
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That's right: True Blood's season 3 is just around the corner! It's going to be about werewolves and stuff, obvs? Start already, s3! 

Some things I'd like to see, just off the top of my head:

- Eric/Godric flashback scenes! Is it really too much to ask for?
- More Pam! (which I will be getting in this season, Y/Y?) I'd kill for flashback scenes from her (undead)life! 
- Lafayette being happy. And getting laid.
- Bon Temps during a holiday: what do those crazy people get up to, beside hanging out at Merlotte's?
- Gimme more Jessica losing her shit!   

- Poor Stephen Moyer. Not that easy to stay in character when you live in sunny California, is it? That quote of his about the naked German woman on a horse had me laughing out loud.

- This cracked me up, not once, but many times in a row: Funny Swede is funny )
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- Our very own Suuukiiieh is in the queer ranks? Good work, peeps. ;) So, of course it is in order to enjoy a very pretty picspam of Anna Paquin, because she's lovely and I like her so. But, psst, want to hear a secret? I actually really like Stephen and Anna as a couple, and I hope they'll stay together forever and ever and never break up. 

- Thank you, Guest from Katie McGrath source: having said that, here's a new photoshoot with Katie McGrath, looking her usual gorgeous self.   

- "I say, is that gentleman sparkling? Good heavens." )
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True Blood's cracktastic season finale, Beyond Here Lies Nothin'.

Beyond Here Lies Spoilers and Such )

While I'm at it, I'd like to pimp this song from the True Blood soundtrack, the title song from episode 10, New World In My View:  
New World in My View ~ King Britt 

Other points to be made: 

Yeah, I'm not going to lie: I want this book! When is December going to come around?

It has also come to this: I've given up trying to figure out my own brain. For good. Stumbling across this Television Tropes article has actually made me want to read fic from *this* fandom quite badly... (it's a Japanese eroge game, for Chrissake! But what's written in that article just gives me all *kinds* of most agreeable ideas. I sincerely doubt that there *is* any fic, though!)
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What have I been busy with the last two weeks?

Watching all available episodes of True Blood, is what.

Thoughts and implicit spoilers  )

And a fandom meme to go along with the post, seeing as I felt like it: 

Pick three fandoms. Answer the following questions for each:

Fandoms: True Blood - Buffy - Utena )   

And on to something completely different: This. Song. Is. Eating. My. BRAAIN! like some devilish malicious earworm of pure evil! I just want to take this song by the scruff and throw it out of my *head*!! I hope to inflict the pain on someone else, because... that's how I roll.
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I've watched "Twilight".

Now, now -- please take into account that I subjected myself to this for purely 'scientific reasons': as a vampireholic, I simply *had* to do it. See, I am a person who will go near anything with vampires in it, short of... hardcore porn, I guess. But there was also this curious need to look at a worldwide phenomenon that has girls of all ages squealing their heads off in fannish joy.  

In which I have a surprisingly lot to write about Twilight...  )
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Dear Californian voters,

Uhm... why didn't you vote *no* on Prop 8?! Because, really, that's what you *should* have done!

Well...anywho, here's a video *for* Prop 8 I couldn't help but find hilarious: www.youtube.com/watch

''Oh My Gawd! Prince x prince! Princess x princess! So wrong!'' --- uh, right. What? Just one thing to this: oh Nelly!

Ok, in other news:

Just finished watching Hellsing and Elfen Lied!

Hellsing: Gorgeous animation in this. A true feast for the eye. Not to mention  Sir Integra Hellsing -- oh yeah. Quite The Hottie, if I may say so myself. Something about that butch appearance and that iron will...*fans self*. Yummy. Which brings me to the other female character in this series -- Seras Victoria. Also a thoroughly enjoyable character: little kitten trying to come to terms with now being a little kitten... with not so small fangs! Instead of whining, she just tries to deal with the entire situation. And, of course, Alucard -- such a bloody charming bastard. If I have to look at a male lead in a show, *this* is how I want him to be.
Elfen Lied: What a... strange anime. Enjoyable, though. I came for the gore -- expectedly liked that, but of course liked it even more when I saw what was *behind* it. I especially found the opening theme song and the Klimt paintings beautiful and powerful -- the quiet sadness, the wish for forgiveness in all of it. I enjoyed the small subtle actions in the anime the most -- for example, Nyuu's failed attempts at making the clock work, which was, of course, her own way of trying to fix something completely *else*. You know what that is if you've seen the show. Said a lot without any words spoken. Especially found the ending great -- Kouta turning around, noting: ''Oh. It started working again.'' That brought a smile to my face. My only complaint? I could have done with more shoujo-ai in this. ;-)  Though, I suppose Nana and Mayu provided me with what little they had to offer.  

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