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+ Challenge: 50 Smuts of Gray. We've all heard about that... 'book'. So, to 'celebrate' the sheer horribleness of its existence there's a smut challenge going on. Go forth and write a lot of m/m and f/f stuff! \o/

+ Disney Pulls Joy Division T-shirts. I don't even know, y'all... *laughs and laughs!*

+ I need this crossover like afhjashg! I'm sorely tempted to write fic if it isn't already out there~ Like, see, the Lopez family move into the house and then this odd blonde girl starts showing up all the time... In any case, Moira/Santana would be scorchingly hot. :P

+ And while we're at it~ Are there even any Violet/Moira shippers out there? I feel all alone...  

+ Feminist Frequency - Harrassment, Misogyny and Silencing on Youtube

+ And here's a video response to those guys who left comments:

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I'm not dead, I swear! \o/

So, uh... hello, flist? Hows you doin'? Can't say I've been around much the last few weeks, so if there's anything you think I should know about, anything you feel like sharing, by all means, don't hold yourself back - take aim and throw it at me~

My plan now? 

Well... and:

So, yeah. That's what I wanna do! What about you, flist? Any plans for the summer? :)



- What Men Say About Women When They Think You've Never Been One 

- Conversion Therapy California Ban: Bill To Ban Gay Reparative Therapy Passes Senate 

- NJ Doctor Would Reportedly Rather Let Patient Die Than Treat Him For 'Gay Disease'

- SFF as Metaphor: Aliens, Vampires, Foreigners and Immigrants 

- Defining the Female Gaze
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Call for Submissions: Collection on Glee, Gender and Sexuality - deadline is May 15! I hope DrSheBloggo submits some of her (excellent) observations. Just sayin'. 

• And speaking of Glee: this video. Just... watch it. As plausible a theory as any other on how the Glee writers pick their episode themes, indeed. :P 

• In lieu of Hunger Games' current success - The Invisible Dystopia. Quite interesting - the lack of queer presentation in dystopian YA literature really is kind of a theme, isn't it? 

I swear, I don't even know what this drawing is but it definitely cracked me up. I'm pretty sure that's how I've looked too at some point as a baby. Biatch, I'm ~fabulous~ :P

• So, ever felt that female superheroes in comics are sexualised to the extreme? Allow me to present to you: Unrealistic Comic Book Poses. Just wanna say - bless these two roommates~ This is sad and funny at the same time. 

Female Gladiator Statue Found. Brb, gonna go read everything I can find that has something to do with female gladiators!
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• Link: Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

• Link: FeministFantasy - the big list of feminist-friendly fantasy fiction

• Link: Erh... so this Tumblr blog sort of hits the nail on the head: Femslasher Problems - go check it out and if you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of the problems there, then... congratulations, we're in the same boat! ;P 

• Link: CPR - How Not To Do It. This made me laugh.

• Link: Artist Photoshops Masterpieces to Show Changing Perceptions of Female Beauty. I actually think this is a rather interesting project...

• Link: If this doesn't make you smile or laugh, I don't know what will. ;P

• Link: Thomas Kuebler's Eerily Realistic Monster Sculptures
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So, I purchased Jennifer's Body a few days ago, and, yes, rewatching it only confirmed it being *exactly* as lesbigay as I remembered it being the first time I saw it. :)

Especially one of the deleted scenes *really* hit the ball out of the field. 

I'm talking about this scene in particular which was cut... )


Oh Lordy, just after Glee's Beiber episode, and then the kid has to open his dumb little mouth and say stuff like this! Beiber, go educate yourself -- and, please, don't talk about things you apparently don't know *anything about*. *grouchy*



- Hawaiian Legislature Approves Same-Sex Civil Unions

- Do Females Write Epic Fantasy Differently Than Males Do?

Someone's having this discussion in her journal, and it's quite interesting to read about.  


This FandomSecret made me laugh for quite a while...

Before I actually caught myself going ".... hmm, yes," after a moment or two.  

Can't deny that Naya's got a pretty face... 
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I guess I know what I'll be busy working on towards Halloween, huh?

The table can be found in all its glory over at my fic journal. I already have ideas for some of the prompts! Some of the others, though...

Table can found here for own perusal.
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- Read Ash by Malinda Lo. Will someone please, please, please write some Ash/Kaisa epilogue fic for Yuletide? Or any other fest or for any other reason for that matter? *puppy eyes* 

- Look, I like beer, I like drinking it and relaxing with a single cold bottle in my hand on a warm summer day, but it's the packaging of this brew in particular that just... I don't know. 'What the hell' covers it nicely, I think.

- The game The Path: it's basically Angela Carter's Bloody Chamber meets Silent Hill in pure creepiness and disturbingness of what's implied in the imagery connected with each of the different girls when they meet their individual Wolf. For example, Carmen's meeting with her Wolf goes like this. /successfully creeped out./ I definitely recommend checking this game out, if not just the videos on Youtube, to get an idea of what this experimental indie game is like. If you like fairy tales and the darker tone the original version of Little Riding Hood had, then go check out The Path. 

- I approve mightily of this: Jane Austen Fight Club

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