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Nov. 21st, 2012 11:00 pm
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Sometimes I like to pretend I'm alive. This is one of those times...

(Let's just pretend that I'm a good, lawabiding LJ denizen, shall we?)

So, Top 5 Meme! Ask me my top 5 whatever~

I'll just leave this here and disappear into the shadows again.

Status quo

Oct. 22nd, 2012 10:26 pm
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Greetings, y'all.

I'm sorry about not being all that active (methinks that's an understatement) at the moment, but a combination of having to write a paper and being in the dumps seems to lead to that. :-/


As soon as I'm not so busy + feeling better, I'll be back first thing, promise.

Hope everyone is doing well!
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+ Challenge: 50 Smuts of Gray. We've all heard about that... 'book'. So, to 'celebrate' the sheer horribleness of its existence there's a smut challenge going on. Go forth and write a lot of m/m and f/f stuff! \o/

+ Disney Pulls Joy Division T-shirts. I don't even know, y'all... *laughs and laughs!*

+ I need this crossover like afhjashg! I'm sorely tempted to write fic if it isn't already out there~ Like, see, the Lopez family move into the house and then this odd blonde girl starts showing up all the time... In any case, Moira/Santana would be scorchingly hot. :P

+ And while we're at it~ Are there even any Violet/Moira shippers out there? I feel all alone...  

+ Feminist Frequency - Harrassment, Misogyny and Silencing on Youtube

+ And here's a video response to those guys who left comments:

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• Link: Five hundred new fairytales discovered in Germany

• Link: FeministFantasy - the big list of feminist-friendly fantasy fiction

• Link: Erh... so this Tumblr blog sort of hits the nail on the head: Femslasher Problems - go check it out and if you find yourself nodding in agreement with any of the problems there, then... congratulations, we're in the same boat! ;P 

• Link: CPR - How Not To Do It. This made me laugh.

• Link: Artist Photoshops Masterpieces to Show Changing Perceptions of Female Beauty. I actually think this is a rather interesting project...

• Link: If this doesn't make you smile or laugh, I don't know what will. ;P

• Link: Thomas Kuebler's Eerily Realistic Monster Sculptures
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I've finished the first season of Warehouse 13:

Season 1 )


Tralala, so, it's stuff like this my mind comes up with ~

I don't even know... 

The face puppy!Myka is pulling is basically her default "Pete, please!" reaction and it fits her perfectly! :D

Puppy!Pete likes to chew on several things to find out whether they're an artifact or not. 

Also, look at H.G. being a suave, lil' motherfuckin' puppy there. ;D She knows she's pretty, y'all. 
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Okay. By special request, here it is... Merlin: Teh Super Speshul Lady!Knights Genderswap Recast Edition! 

In a land of sexah lady!knights and unbridled femslash...  )
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So -- Game of Thrones! Watched the season finale and then... being tired and bored resulted in the Deal With It meme sort of happening? 

My excuse? I... have none. None at all.

This... basically summarises my thoughts?  ) 


- I'm not even sure why I find this as amusing as I do, but -- oh well. Viserys *really* dislikes Spandau Ballet. Beware, spoiler for episode 6:

80's song + Game of Thrones = match meant to be? And Daenerys is just all, like: "Damn bro, yous trying to fuck with me? Me? Imma go all ~rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon~ on you ass, Nicki Minaj style!"


- I... don't know what to say to this, tbh. Let the crack commence: Game of Thrones Muppets!
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Since I've friended some new people recently, I thought I'd just say hi. *waves*

I guess that means it's meme time: 

Ask me a fandom-related question in the comments. This can be fandom specific, general, or about fandom/lj stuff/fic writing/etc. in general. Questions can be as wacky as you want. Ask me about tv shows, characters, fanfic, fandom issues/meta, anything about anything. Whatever you want.

And then I'll just leave these here, too: 

Tumblr pictures! Mostly of pretty girls! You know you wanna look! ) 
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I guess I know what I'll be busy working on towards Halloween, huh?

The table can be found in all its glory over at my fic journal. I already have ideas for some of the prompts! Some of the others, though...

Table can found here for own perusal.
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- Our very own Suuukiiieh is in the queer ranks? Good work, peeps. ;) So, of course it is in order to enjoy a very pretty picspam of Anna Paquin, because she's lovely and I like her so. But, psst, want to hear a secret? I actually really like Stephen and Anna as a couple, and I hope they'll stay together forever and ever and never break up. 

- Thank you, Guest from Katie McGrath source: having said that, here's a new photoshoot with Katie McGrath, looking her usual gorgeous self.   

- "I say, is that gentleman sparkling? Good heavens." )
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I love you, Dianna Agron. This is nothing new. But Chris and Heather also win big points from me for these pics:

While riding I think of us, dear... ) 
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I lack words for how goddamn adorable Dianna Agron is in this vid, performing Push It with Thao Ngyen and The Bombs during the 826LA Chickens in Love benefit concert. All credit goes to [ profile] kben for the footage. 

As a natural result of the hearts I'm having in my eyes right now, I feel like doing some Dianna spamming:

4207569942_768b530118_o.jpg picture by hyena_gal

... And here's 35 pictures of her in a pair of sweatpants and a pink bikini top, and nothing else, too. You're no friend of mine if you can't enjoy. ;)

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