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Bomb Girls: 2.06. Where There's Fire

I just... this was a brilliant episode! Show, return soon!

Everything is Betty McRae (and Hella Fine Soldier Girl Teresa and Kate/Betty and Gladys' beautiful sad self and Bomb Girls) and nothing hurts (well, only a little bit). Spam spam spam: 

Where someone else describes all my feels concerning the Teresa/Betty bedroom scene

"I'm here for the filing and the sex - and I'm not really into files." 

Perf song and perf gif (the fireworks at the end, ohmygaaawd)

Goddamn Gladys and her goddamn puppy face~

Adventure Time fits with everything! Everything! - (lol, also, this is a gpoy)

Haters gonna keep hatin', Gladys bebe gurl, don't you mind them~

▪ I might have cried a little from laughing so much after I watched this vid. Fucking perfection. Context: Ali Liebert once mentioned in an article that in order for her to get into character, in this case Betty McRae, she'd get inspired by songs. This was one of them.


Above the passion quivering by Ibmisscharlie

Let's call a heart a heart by huddleofneurons

And Then Gladys Decided to Break In Her New Wheels
by Driving Cross Country to Find Kate by shopfront
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Glee fanart rec list:

- Big Gay Beards by StephanieLamb [Santana and Karofsky]

- Outstanding Heterosexual by KiwiPhoenix [Faberry]

- Unholy Trinity by kuraitenshi [Unholy Trinity]

- Brittany, Grab My Boob! by roflamao [Brittana]

- Post-Apocalyptic Glee kids by sundaykind [Quinn, Puck and Rachel]

- "Oh My God!" by jelee [Unholy Trinity]

- HeYa kiss by taylorhubbell [Heather Morris/Naya Rivera]

- Ladder!Finn and Rachel by dashingicecream [Faberry]


Glee fic rec list:

- Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be by videlicet90; Santana/Brittany; pg-13
Remember that time Brittany got lost in the sewers? Yeah, this is what *really* happened. Crack from beginning to end -- you will most certainly enjoy it. 

- we'd share each other like an island by Sham; Santana Lopez, Santana/Brittany; pg-13
Set after "Sexy". This one is short but still excellent. Quinn tries to help and Santana is still her bitchy self. 

- Ready to Start by sourrific; Santana/Quinn; nc-17
Santana eases Quinn into the gay side of things... by sleeping with her. Great read. 

- Got You (Where I Want You) by sourrific; Santana/Brittany, Quinn/Rachel; R
Faberittana locked-in-a-classroom fic. It's brilliant and has spot on voices. 

- The Sex Has Made Me Stupid by random_flores; Santana/Quinn; R
Santana and Quinn and hurting and moving on and helping each other be less lonely and it's fabulous.  

- Saints and Sinners by sourrific; Quinn/Rachel; R
Quinn coming to terms with her feelings and everything else along the way. Go! Read! 

- Stepping Stones by onlysmallwings; Quinn Fabray; pg
Quinn trying to reconcile her faith with her sexual identity. Short and lovely, with an OC that works. 

Five Stages (37374 words) by thememoriesfire; Santana Lopez; pg
Set after "Sexy". If the show would deal with Santana's arc the way this fic does, it would be quality TV. Just saying.  
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Meme: Give me a character from any fandom I know, and I'll give you my top 5 of characters I ship them with.


Fic rec: what were the greek ships on fire - Merlin; Morgana/Morgause by Anonymous. Found this in the Merlin Kinkmeme and whoo, boy -- it's yummy! Gorgeously lyrical and just a great read, considering how short it is. Whoever wrote it should fess up! Makes me want to try to delve into some Morgana/Morgause of myself now... 


So, we have fanfic archives where you can search for pairings, genres, whatever, correct? How the hell come there's *nothing* of this kind of thing when it comes to fanvids? You could search for the song which you know would just work *perfectly* in a certain vid and hopefully find it used in your fandom of choice. I'd love to see something like this around. 

This brought on by me listening to Franz Ferdinand's Michael recently and not being able to find the song used in a Lost Boys fanvid! Say what? Come on! 


What the hell is up with Naya *still* being hot even while wearing a fake drawn moustache, a tophat and a monocle? Also, I want the fic for thiiiiis, kthnx, Glee fandom. The person who made this should be my friend: 


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