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Your face is ridiculously attractive, McGrath. Like... goddamn you so much. This entire episode of Dates made me view her character as the lesbian version of Brian Kinney or something.

▪ Am plowing my way through a ton of fanfic - most of it consisting of Regina/Emma as it is, so if you want to rec a fic in particular, by all means, go ahead! Trying to see if I can read a ridiculously large number of fic before the summer is over.

▪  Rewatched Once Upon a Time season 1 and season 2 -- and was reminded how much I absolutely adore Regina and how adorable puppy!sheriff!Emma is in the first season. Y'all remember how awesome she was before the Charmings sneezed on her and she caught the Charmings Superiority Complex, yeah? Oh, and Katheryn was made of awesome! I'd be a-okay with sacking Hook and Neal in favour of her returning.

Regina and Emma have a rap battle - I really like what this fandom puts out there, y'know! 

▪ Watched Elementary. Two thumbs up, will definitely tune in for a second season! Here's hoping for more Clyde. :D

▪ Everybody is watching Orphan Black, right? Right? Because it's brilliant! Watched Orphan Black

1.01. Natural Selection:
- Yesss, a Guinness is always needed after seeing a clone of yourself. Well... a Guinness is always needed, period.
- "Oh, you robbed a body." Heh.
- "Do not snap towels at me, Bobby, I had a very traumatic childhood." I like Felix. :P
- Yeah, I'm totally ready -- for whatever the hell you're talking about!
- Ohmygawd, Sarah -- don't drink that! D:
- Lol, Felix getting all the boys~
- Tatiana butt! \o/
- Vic, get a hold of yourself!
- Oh fuck! Don't kill Katja, you assbutt! D:

1.02. Instinct:
- "Jesus bloody Christ!"
Hehehe. :)
- That's... Cosima on the phone, right?
- Mmmmm, Tatiana in a white tanktop, all dirty and covered in blood~ Yesplzzz!
- Art haz the money - go get 'im.
- "Why are you dressing like a punk rock ho?" Lol! Go away, Paul. You're a wet blanket. :P
- Oh, it's Alison on the phone!
- *lol* I love how the lyrics actually fit Sarah's situation!
- What in the fuck happened in that hotel room?
- "Rock n' roll." Lollll!
- "Shit. A soccer mom." Lolllll!
- "Oh, and hide your ugly face on your way out of here."
"Bitch." Hahaha! I like Alison. :)

1.03. Variations Under Nature:
- Sarah + Gun = OTP
- Wow, you're being a butt, Art.
- "You and Soccer Bitch." Lol!
- "So, what, Stephen Hawkin did it?"
- Felix as babysitter, hee!

1.04. Effects of External Conditions:
- The Angry Angel, ooohh~
- I like how Helena keeps calling the police station. :P "Yuuu arrrr noottt Beeth."
- *laughs* What's that beanie even! Helena, you silly billy!
- "Is it my imagination or does this Cosima have bigger breasts than you?"
- Poor Raj. :P
- Lollll, Alison! "The raainnn in Spaaiinnn falls mainly on the plaaain."
- Ugh, go away, Paul!
- The police should hire Cosima -- she just figured everything out!
- Kira's seen through you, Alison~
- "Monkey... bum... face."
- I... kind of ship Helena/Sarah?

1.05. Conditions of Existence:
- Awww, Sarah and Alison~
- "I'm gonna shoot Paul's balls off."
"Just squeeze them." Lol!
- "Big Boob Blowies?" Lolllll!
- "What's in it for me?"
"How about you get to have sex... with yourself?" Ohmygawd, Cosima, hahaha!
- Ohhh yeaaah, Cosima be flirtin' with you, Delphine~
- Lol, Vic, you're messed up. :P "He was... urban."
- Oh shit! Why don't you lock your door, people?!
- *laughs forever* Alison is a coupon mom too! Of course she is.

1.06. Variations Under Domestication:
- Don't mess with Alison!
- "Is this a pajamas party?" Lmao!
- Wheee, you go, Sarah! :D
- "Lovefool" plays as Cosima and Delphine run away together~
1.07. Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner:
- Sarah and Cosima are such sisters. :P
- Awww, poor Helena.
- *touches wall* Thiz nice restauwant. Bebe gurl! :3
- Genius police! Suu clevuur, all of you!
- "You've got a tail?"
- Sarah/Paul is yawn-inducing!
- Oh shit, he actually does have a tail!
- "She's got a thing for me." Ooohhh.
- Delphine/Cosima kiss~ Oohhh.

1.08. Entangled Bank:
- *Sarah/Paul scene* Yaaaaaawn.
- "You know, maybe it was your sunny personality that gave you away." Cosima has the best lines! :P
- Just getting my sugar high on, yooooo! I'm Helena, Sugar Pimp!
- Uh.... yeah. Yeah, no, I don't know anything about this!11!!
- I really like you, Alison. ;)
- Helena, you make my heart hurt! :'c
- Mrs. S - oohhh shit, shit is about to go daaauuuwn!
- *laughs* Alison has a super nose!
- "I wanna make crazy science with you." You can make crazy science with me, Cosima, any day~
- Drunk!Alison is the best Alison! :D
- Oh shit, Mr Tailless is getting killed!
- Oh Helena! Oh shit! D:

1.09. Unconscious Selection:
- Alison cleaning the flat! :D
- "Cosima, Kira's not a lizard."
- Don't hurt Helena, you piece of poo!
- An intervention! *laughs forever*
- Awwwh nuuuhh, Art is figuring things out.
- Delphine is like... the biggest puppy.
- No, don't do this to me, Helena! It hurts! :'c Poor, poor bebe gurl!
- Sarah and Helena are sisters -- ...... beautiful precious babies!

1.10. Endless Forms Most Beautiful:
- The way Helena says 'sister'. :P
- Alison working out! More of that! Gawd, look at all that pink!
- Hello, Rachel Duncan. You are hella fine. :)
- Vic is trying to improve! Good on you, Vic.
- Damn, Alison! :O
- Shiiit! D: Didn't see that coming. D:
- Uhm... not sure how I feel about the female PoC showing up getting killed off like that.
- Ugh, stupid Helena giving me family feels. :c
- Nuuuuuh, Alison!
- Nuuuuuuh, where's Kira?
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